Master the OSM 6-3-1A Tactic in 2024!

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Master the OSM 6-3-1A Tactic in 2024! Learn the Defensive Style for OSM 24 6-3-1 Formation

Enhance your OSM gameplay with the powerful 6-3-1A tactic in 2024. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of setting up the OSM 24 6-3-1A tactic. Learn which tactical template to use and how to formulate line tactics for a formidable defense. Let’s address key questions and unlock the secrets to mastering OSM 6-3-1A.

Master the OSM 6-3-1A Tactic in 2024!

OSM 6-3-1A Tactic 2024: The Core Logic

Playing with six defenders implies potential weaknesses in the team’s goal-scoring capabilities. Among the offensive players, focus on the two wings, three midfielders (with only one as the number 10), and a lone striker. Ensure the three center-backs have high defensive prowess and low offensive attributes. Place the highest offensive center-back near the midfield for strategic reasons, avoiding their involvement in offensive actions. Consider selecting high-attack, decent-defense wingers for added offensive threat without compromising defensive capabilities.

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Setting Up Players for OSM 6-3-1A Tactic 2024

In a nutshell:

  • 3 Center-backs: High defense, minimal offense
  • 2 Full-backs: Balanced offense and not too low on defense
  • 2 Central Midfielders: Strong attacking direction with decent defense
  • 1 Attacking Midfielder: Purely offensive, creative, and effective in goal-scoring
  • 1 Striker: A complete forward, crucial for goal-scoring. Opting for a veteran player could be more beneficial.

OSM 6-3-1A Playing Style and Line Tactics

Gameplay for 631A

Given the highly defensive nature, the optimal strategy is to counter-attack swiftly. Restrict the team to counter-attacks only to ensure not conceding three points.

  • Striker: Support Midfield
  • Midfield: Defend
  • Defense: Stay in Position
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As the full-backs are made offensive, they contribute to counter-attacks. There’s no need to clear the back when initiating counter-attacks.


Defensive Structure and Intervention in OSM 6-3-1A Tactic

Due to the crowded backline, man-to-man marking is ideal. By engaging in one-on-one defense, we prevent opponents from moving freely and finding positions. Adjust your intervention based on the referee’s decisions as man-to-man marking will be prominent.


Preservation, Style, and Tempo Bars in OSM 6-3-1A Tactic

Executing a defensive strategy with six defenders is essential. Maintain a high tempo to swiftly capitalize on gaining possession and execute quick passes for rapid goal attempts. While the press may not be as high as the tempo, keep it substantial to overwhelm the opponent and secure ball possession.

OSM-631-Tactic Barems

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