How to Counter 4-3-3A and 4-3-3B Formations In OSM 24?

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Effective OSM 2024 Guide: How to Counter 4-3-3A and 4-3-3B Formations in OSM 24

In this guide, discover the most effective tactical setup for countering 4-3-3A and 4-3-3B formations in the Online Soccer Manager (OSM) game in 2024. Develop a robust defense and an efficient offensive strategy against your opponents using this tactic.

433A Counter Tactics Best FormationsCreating a Solid Formation and Team Selection:

Set your formation to 5-3-2A for a powerful defense against 433A and 433B formations. The five-player defense will help stop opponent attacks effectively. Choose players based on their positions:

  • Goalkeeper: Utilize your best goalkeeper.
  • Defense: Opt for high offensive capability full-backs due to the five-player defense. Maintain a balance in the central defenders’ offensive attributes.
  • Midfield: Select two defensive midfielders (number 8) with high defensive strength. The number 10 position should be a critical player, contributing significantly to goals and offense.
  • Forwards: Ensure your forwards have both offensive and defensive skills, supporting the midfield effectively.

Best Line Tactics for Countering 433A and 433B in OSM 24

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How to Counter 4-3-3A and 4-3-B

Adjust line tactics for effective play against 433A and 433B formations: Counter-attack strategy with high-pressure defense.

433A Counter Tactics Lineup

  • Forwards Support Midfield:
  • Midfielders Maintain Position:
  • Defenders Hold Their Ground:

What’s the Strategy?

Playing a counter-attack strategy with a high level of pressure is the key. A quick transition to a counter-attack after stealing the ball is crucial. This defensive emphasis provides one of the best ways to counter 4-3-3 formations.

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Ideal Parameters for 433A and 433B Counter Tactic in OSM 24

433A 433B Counter Tactics

  • Pressure: 67
  • Style: 27
  • Tempo: 77

Maintain a defensive style, with the pressure set to allow effective defensive play. A balanced approach is crucial, and the pressure helps in defensive dominance and quick transitions for goal-scoring opportunities.

Selecting Specialists for 433A and 433B Counter Tactic in OSM 24

How to Counter 4-3-3A and 4-3-3B

Choose specialists based on their roles:

  • Captain: A senior player with a high rating, providing leadership.
  • Penalty Taker: The team’s top goal scorer.
  • Free Kick Taker: The most skilled winger or forward.
  • Corner Taker: The midfield player with the highest offensive strength.

This specialist logic can be applied not only for countering 433A and 433B but also for other tactics.

Conclusion and Strategy:

By employing these tactics, you can effectively counter 433A and 433B formations, controlling matches with a strong defense and a rapid counter-attack strategy. Remember, personalize this strategy based on your team’s strength and player attributes. Gain a competitive edge against opponents using 433 formations in 2024!

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