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Unveiling the Goose Goose Duck Roles 2024 | Goose Goose Duck Role List Explained

Embark on the feathered journey with Goose Goose Duck, a social game where players evade malicious Mallards and other foul creatures while completing tasks. With its unique roles, in-game voice chat, and expansive missions reminiscent of Among Us, this free-to-play game offers purchasable items for an enhanced gaming experience. In this guide, we delve into the world of Goose Goose Duck roles. Let’s explore the list of all roles available in the game.

Goose Goose Duck Roles 2024

Roles: Neutral

  1. Dodo Bird:
    • Objective: Win if players vote for the Dodo.
  2. Duel Dodos:
    • Objective: Be the last Dodo standing. Achieve this by completing tasks labeled as “fake” until the other Dodo is eliminated.
  3. Hawk:
    • Objective: Win as the sole survivor. Ducks win by completing all tasks, and Mallards win by sabotaging while the Hawk is alive.
  4. Pelican:
    • Objective: Win as the last survivor. Additionally, Pelicans can survive until the next meeting after being eaten.
  5. Pigeon:
    • Objective: Win by infecting every player with an avian disease. Progress resets after each meeting.
  6. Vulture:
    • Objective: Win by consuming three bodies.
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Goose Goose Duck Roles: Duck

Ducks can be assigned the following roles:

  1. Assassin:
    • Objective: Win by correctly guessing a player’s role during a meeting. Failure results in death.
  2. Cannibal:
    • Objective: Gain an advantage by killing and eating your victims. Can kill two geese with an additional advantage.
  3. Demolitionist:
    • Objective: Place bombs on other players, exploding after a delay.
  4. Esper:
    • Objective: Communicate and kill other players remotely.
  5. Hitman:
    • Objective: Kill the target protected by the Goose.
  6. Identity Thief:
    • Objective: Assume the appearance of the last player you killed.
  7. Invisibility:
    • Objective: Temporarily become invisible.
  8. Morphine:
    • Objective: Transform into another character for 30 seconds.
  9. Ninja:
    • Objective: Kill two geese with a knife but face an extended cooldown.
  10. Professional:
  • Objective: Geese can’t see your victims, but they automatically report when they approach. Unable to report bodies.
  1. Serial Killer:
  • Objective: Killing the assigned target reduces your cooldown time.
  1. Silencer:
  • Objective: Mute another player once per round during meetings.
  1. Snitch:
  • Objective: Vote to eject a player during a meeting, and if successful, they go to jail.
  1. Spy:
  • Objective: If you are the sole voter for ejecting a player during a meeting, their role is revealed.
  1. Undertaker:
  • Objective: Drag bodies to conceal them, with significantly reduced movement speed.

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Goose Goose Duck Roles 2024: Goose

Goose can be assigned various roles:

  1. Adventurer:
    • Objective: Survive critical sabotages that could kill a Goose.
  2. Astral:
    • Objective: Move through walls in ghost form.
  3. Avenger:
    • Objective: Witness the death of another Goose and gain temporary killing abilities.
  4. Bird Watcher:
    • Objective: See behind walls at the cost of regular vision.
  5. Guardian:
    • Objective: Protect the assigned target from the hitman.
  6. Celebrity:
    • Objective: Warn other players upon your death.
  7. Canadian:
    • Objective: Automatically report your body if someone kills you.
  8. Detective:
    • Objective: Investigate players during a turn to determine if they killed anyone.
  9. Engineer:
    • Objective: Use a mini-map to display the location of live ducks.
  10. Locksmith:
    • Objective: Open jail doors at will.
  11. Lover:
    • Objective: Survive with your lover until the end.
  12. Medium:
    • Objective: See the number of ghosts and increase as more geese die.
  13. Mimic:
    • Objective: Ducks see you as another duck, allowing strategic plays.
  14. Undertaker:
    • Objective: Investigate a corpse to reveal the player’s role.
  15. Party Duck:
    • Objective: Give players a high-pitched sound during meetings, similar to the silencer but comical.
  16. Politician:
    • Objective: Break ties during meetings, ensuring your chosen side wins. Immune to imprisonment.
  17. Sheriff:
    • Objective: Can kill anyone, but killing a goose results in your death.
  18. Street Chestnut:
    • Objective: Can unlock doors from the inside.
  19. Follower:
    • Objective: Track other players to unveil details about them.
  20. Scout:
    • Objective: Identify players outside during a sandstorm.
  21. Triggerman:
    • Objective: Kill one duck per game.
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Roles 2024: FAQs

  • What Are Goose Goose Duck Roles in 2024?

Goose Goose Duck Roles are integral to the popular multiplayer game, assigning players specific roles or characters to embody.

  • How Is Role Selection Done?

Roles are randomly assigned to players at the beginning or end of a specific turn, offering a diverse and fair gaming experience.

  • How Long Do Goose Goose Duck Roles Stay Active in 2024?

Roles generally remain active for one turn. They are randomly redistributed at the start or end of each turn for variety.

  • Can Roles Be Changed or Preferred?

Players have no control over changing or choosing roles. The game’s structure relies on the randomness of role assignments.

  • How Do Goose Goose Duck Roles Enhance the Game in 2024?

Roles add excitement and fun to the game, as each player possesses a unique role and ability, fostering trust games, strategic collaboration, and entertaining moments.

  • What Is the Variety and Number of Roles in the Game?

Goose Goose Duck usually features various roles, subject to game updates. Players can experience diversity by encountering different roles in each game.

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