PS Plus Free Games April 2024

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PS Plus Free Games April 2024: Predictions & Updates

Get ready for the anticipated announcement of the PS Plus free games for April 2024 by Sony. Explore predictions for potential titles like Forspoken, Metro Exodus, and Little Nightmares 2. Learn about the expected release window and how to download these games with your PlayStation Plus subscription.

PS Plus Free Games April 2024

Introduction to PS Plus Games:

Sony is set to announce the PS Plus Essential free games for April 2024 soon. Every month, PlayStation Plus subscribers are offered a selection of three free games across three tiers. Designed for budget-conscious gamers, the Essential tier provides three games for a limited time. When you claim a game from the Essential tier, it becomes a permanent part of your library and can be played anytime, depending on your PS Plus subscription status. So, what are the predictions for PS Plus April 2024 games? Let’s take a look.

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Predictions for PS Plus Free Games April 2024

  • Forspoken:

The game follows the story of Frey, a New Yorker who unexpectedly finds herself transported to the fantastical realm of Athia, threatened by a malevolent force known as The Break, intent on destroying everything. Despite being immune to the evil plaguing Athia, Frey becomes its last hope, utilizing newly acquired magical abilities since her arrival. Her success or failure in saving Athia will determine her fate of returning to the real world! With its fantastic combat system and stunning boss battles, this game could be part of next month’s PS Plus lineup.

  • Metro Exodus:
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In Metro: Exodus, players control Artyom, the hero of Metro 2033, and Metro: Last Light, embarking on a journey aboard the Aurora steam locomotive with his wife Anna and a Spartan unit. The game compels them to explore the signal-distorting transmitters mentioned in Metro 2035 outside Moscow, forcing them to abandon the Metro system and venture into the unknown. Along the way, players will encounter survivors and face challenges that defy their beliefs and alliances in post-nuclear Russia. Will we see this game in next month’s PS Plus lineup? We’ll find out!

  • Little Nightmares 2:

Little Nightmares 2 offers an immersive adventure where players assume the role of Mono, a young boy entangled in a twisted reality shaped by the ominous broadcasts of a distant signal tower. Guided by Six, Mono sets out on a mission to uncover the sinister secrets of the Tower and save Six from her perilous fate, thus initiating a series of events. Since we expect to see the sequel to the 2021 game this year, we could also see this game in the PS Plus lineup.

When Can I Download the PS Plus Free Games?

You can download the PS Plus games for April 2024 from April 2, 2024, to April 30, 2024. While this timeframe is anticipated for the release of the next set of games, it hasn’t been officially confirmed, so we remind you that it could be subject to delay.

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