LoL 14.6 PBE Patch Notes: Updates & Release Date April 2024!

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LoL 14.6 PBE Patch Notes: Updates & Release Date April 2024!

Discover the latest changes with the 14.6 PBE patch notes, featuring updates and nerfs. Learn about the release date and what to expect from the 14.6 patch. Get insights into item adjustments like Bami’s Cinder, Brutalizer, and more.

LoL 14.6 PBE Patch Notes: Updates Overview

Today, the 14.5 patch notes are released, paving the way for the forthcoming 14.6 patch notes in League of Legends. The 14.6 patch notes are expected to introduce several item changes, predominantly featuring nerfs. Let’s dive into what we know so far about the LoL 14.6 PBE patch notes.

Highlights of LoL 14.6 PBE Patch Notes:

  • Bami’s Cinder:
    • Base damage increased: 12 >>> 13
    • Health ratio decreased: 1% >>> 0.5% bonus HP
  • Brutalizer:
    • Lethality reduced: 8 >>> 5
  • Caulfield’s Warhammer:
    • SG reduced: 25 >>> 20
  • Fiendish Codex:
    • AP reduced: 35 >>> 25
  • Glacial Buckler:
    • Cost increased: 900 >>> 950
  • Haunting Guise:
    • AP reduced: 35 >>> 30
  • Hearthbound Axe:
    • Cost reduced: 1200 >>> 1150
    • SG reduced: 20 >>> 15
  • Serrated Dirk:
    • Lethality reduced: 10 >>> 7

LoL 14.6 PBE Patch Notes:

  • Spectre’s Cowl:
    • Health reduced: 250 >>> 200
    • Health regeneration reduced: 150% base regeneration >>> 100%
    • Health regeneration now fixed instead of being based on damage taken
  • Steel Sigil:
    • Second cloth armor recipe added, cost unchanged
  • Tunneler:
    • Cost increased: 1100 >>> 1150
  • Verdant Barrier:
    • Cost reduced: 1800 >>> 1700
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LoL 14.6 PBE Patch Notes

LoL 14.6 Patch Release Date:

According to the patch calendar, patch 14.6 will be released on March 20, 2024. The 14.6 patch will first roll out to the Oceanic servers, with other servers gradually receiving the patch throughout the day.

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FAQs about LoL 14.6 PBE Patch Notes

  • What Are League of Legends Patch Notes?

League of Legends patch notes are an official source that detail the changes, improvements, and additions introduced with a specific update or patch. These notes inform players about how the game evolves and encompass any significant changes that may affect the gaming experience.

  • Why Are Patch Notes Important?

Patch notes help players better understand the game before and after updates. They provide information on changes in the game, such as character balance, new features, or map updates. Players can use this information to adjust their strategies and gameplay styles.

Patch notes are typically published on an official blog or the game developer’s website. They are often divided into sections such as title, general changes, character balance changes, new content, and bug fixes. Players should pay attention to changes related to their main role or favorite characters.

  • How Often Are LoL Patch Notes Released?

The frequency of patches usually depends on the developer’s policies. Some games receive minor updates regularly, either monthly or every few weeks, while others offer major content updates at specific intervals. Knowing this timeline can help players plan their games and anticipate updates.

  • How Can Players Follow Patch Notes?

Players can easily access patch notes by regularly checking the official game website or social media accounts. Additionally, keeping track of in-game notifications and update news is important. Some players may prefer to join the game developer’s Discord servers or forums to participate in community discussions.

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