OSM 5-2-3A Counter Tactics Revealed: 4-4-2B Formation

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By Argi

OSM 5-2-3A Counter Tactics Revealed: 4-4-2B Formation

Unlock the secrets of countering the formidable OSM 5-2-3A tactic in 2024. Learn the simple yet effective solution using the 4-4-2B formation. Explore lineup choices, tactical adjustments, and strategic gameplay to dominate the challenging 5-2-3A strategy.

Decoding OSM 5-2-3A Counter Tactics for 2024

In this article, we break down Argi’s 5-2-3A counter tactic video, revealing the strategy to overcome the challenging 5-2-3A formation that has become a headache for many players. This formation is currently widely preferred and proves highly effective against opponents.

OSM 5 2 3 A Counter Tactic!

Simple and Effective Solution: 4-4-2B Formation against 5-2-3A Tactic

Argi explains how to defeat this challenging tactic using the 4-4-2B formation. The primary reason for this choice is to gain an advantage over the opponent with a four-player strength in the midfield. The opposing team typically uses two midfielders, causing them difficulties in the midfield. Players who use this tactic are usually considered “underdogs,” weaker teams that are forced to focus on defense.

OSM 5-2-3A Counter Tactics: Preserving Balance and High Attack Power

Emphasizing the importance of balance and not overburdening the team’s condition, Argi suggests setting the press power between 80 and 85. He also highlights the need to maintain high attack power, with a recommended maximum tempo of 75.

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OSM 5-2-3A Counter Tactic 4-4-2B

Player Selection and Tactical Application against 5-2-3A

  • Goalkeeper: The choice of goalkeeper is up to you. If you have a good attacking wing-back, you can use a defensive full-back. The recommendation is to prefer a defensive full-back.
  • Center-Backs: Choose center-backs with high defensive power and low attacking power, such as Marcao.
  • Midfielders (Numbers 8 and 10): Key roles in breaking this tactic. Select a well-balanced player and an excellent attacker.
  • Forwards: Try to convert one of the two forwards into a defender. If both cannot be defenders, at least one should be.

Game Plan and Tactical Settings against 5-2-3A

  • Game Plan: Since we seek goals with midfielders, shooting when the goal is in sight is ideal.
  • Interventions: Let’s adapt to the referee’s decisions, but as the opponent uses a 5-defense strategy, we avoid disputes with the referee.
  • Press Power: Setting it too high can strain team condition excessively, especially against a 5-defense formation.

Barem Settings for 5-2-3A Counter Tactics

  • Press: Keep it in the 75-74 range to maintain high press power without overly straining the condition.
  • Style: Maintain it in the 58-59 range to keep the game under control.
  • Tempo: Optional but consider keeping it in the 65-67 range for a good balance.
  • Specialists: Select the best specialist players based on the team’s overall situation.

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