VALORANT New Bundle Leaked 2024!

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VALORANT New Bundle Leaked 2024: Unveiling the Latest Skins and Exclusive Details

Gaming enthusiasts are well aware that in the realm of Valorant, flaunting the right set of weapon skins is as essential as mastering headshots. Valorant’s intricate skin system adds a layer of personalization to the game, turning weapons into coveted works of art. In this article, we’ll delve into the diverse world of VALORANT skins, dissecting the tiers and prices, and finally, uncover the much-anticipated details of the new bundle leaked in 2024.

The Temptation of Valorant Skins

Valorant, a game celebrated for its strategic gameplay, introduces an additional layer of temptation through its vibrant array of weapon skins. Beyond mere aesthetics, these skins become a form of self-expression and status symbols within the gaming community.

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Exploring Valorant Bundle Tiers and Prices

Before we unveil the specifics of the new bundle, let’s navigate through the tiers and prices of Valorant skins, each offering a unique blend of visual enhancements and sound effects.

VALORANT New Bundle 2024 Prices

VALORANT New Bundle 2024

Select Edition Skins (2930-3500 VP/ up to $40)

Starting at the more affordable end of the spectrum, the Select Edition skins cater to budget-conscious players. However, their charm lies in their simplicity, featuring minimal animations and basic artistic elements.

Deluxe Edition Skins (4270-5100 VP/ up to $60)

Moving up a tier, the Deluxe Edition skins strike a balance between affordability and aesthetics. While lacking inspect and reload animations, they boast commendable artistic elements at a reasonable price.

Premium Edition Skins (7100-8855 VP/ up to $95)

For those seeking the pinnacle of visual flair, the Premium Edition skins stand out. Priced higher, they come alive with various animations, effects, and captivating sound enhancements.

Exclusive Edition Skins (8700-10700 VP/up to $120)

Exclusivity comes at a premium with Exclusive Edition skins. Priced steeply, these skins offer additional kill count, end kill, and custom sound effects, setting them apart from the Premium tier.

Ultra Edition Skins (9900 VP/ $105)

Reaching the pinnacle of pricing, Ultra Edition skins bring variant upgrades to the forefront. With every upgrade, these skins evolve, accompanied by bonus inspection and impressive reload or gun-switch animations.

Other VALORANT Bundles and Skins

Beyond the tiered system, Valorant introduces various other bundles and skins, including time-limited releases, Battle Pass exclusives, and Agent contract skins.

Time-Limited Skins

Valorant occasionally treats players to time-limited skins, adding an element of urgency and exclusivity. The prices for these skins can vary, and once gone, they seldom return.

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Battle Pass Skins (1000 VP)

Investing in the Battle Pass unlocks a plethora of skins, with each pass containing a melee skin. However, these skins do not make a return to the store, emphasizing their exclusivity.

Agent Contract Skins

Unlocking skins through agent contracts remains a constant in Valorant. These skins linger in the Agent store until unlocked, providing players with a unique path to customization.

VALORANT New Bundle Leaked 2024

Now, shifting our focus to the crux of this article – the highly anticipated Valorant bundle leaked in 2024. As the gaming community eagerly awaits its official release, let’s explore the exclusive details surrounding this new bundle.

Exclusive Details of the VALORANT New Bundle

The leaked 2024 bundle promises to be a game-changer. Boasting a distinctive set of features, animations, and effects, this bundle is set to capture the attention of Valorant enthusiasts. While we anticipate the official unveiling, early insights suggest that this bundle will redefine in-game aesthetics.


In conclusion, Valorant’s commitment to delivering a diverse range of skins keeps the gaming experience fresh and exciting. From affordable Select Edition skins to the exclusive Ultra Edition, each tier caters to a specific audience. The new bundle leaked in 2024 adds an extra layer of anticipation, promising a visual feast for Valorant aficionados.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) / VALORANT New Bundle

  1. How much is the new Valorant bundle?

    • The exact pricing of the new Valiant bundle has not been officially revealed. However, leaked details and early insights suggest it will be a noteworthy addition to the Valorant skin collection.
  2. How much is the new bundle in Valorant?

    • Pricing details for the new bundle in Valorant are yet to be officially disclosed. As with previous bundles, the cost may vary based on the tier and features offered.
  3. What sets Ultra Edition skins apart from Exclusive Edition skins?

    • While both Ultra and Exclusive Edition skins boast impressive features, Ultra skins emphasize variant upgrades. With every upgrade, the effects of Ultra tier weapons evolve.
  4. Are Battle Pass skins permanently unavailable in the store?

    • Yes, Battle Pass skins do not return to the store once the corresponding Battle Pass season concludes. Players must seize the opportunity to unlock them during the active season.
  5. Can Agent contract skins be unlocked at any time?

    • Agent contract skins remain in the Agent store until unlocked. Players can pursue specific agent contracts to access unique skins, adding a layer of personalization to their collection.
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