OSM Best Players Guide 2024: Unleashing Excellence

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Welcome to a new guide dedicated to the best players in Online Soccer Manager (OSM) Best Players! As we step into the 23-24 season, players have the potential to develop, boasting varying ratings. However, certain players stand out, capable of making a significant impact despite their low ratings or under normal circumstances.

Elevate your Online Soccer Manager (OSM) game with the ultimate guide to the best players in 2024. From goalkeepers to forwards, explore the top choices for each position, including the likes of Tibo Courtois, Van Dijk, Messi, and more. Whether you’re starting or advancing in the game, these meta players promise long-term contributions to strengthen your team.

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Criteria for Determining the Best OSM Players

In this article, we’ll focus on “Meta” players—those with high overall ratings capable of contributing to your team both at the start and as you progress in the game. It’s crucial to understand that some players’ contributions may differ based on real-life performances or the game’s dynamics.

Best Players for Each Position in Online Soccer Manager 2024

Goalkeeper: “Trust in Tibo Courtois and Donnarumma”

When it comes to goalkeepers, Tibo Courtois is the top choice, globally recognized for his outstanding performances in past seasons. Donnarumma from Paris Saint-Germain is the second choice, offering both youth and a high in-game rating. In the third spot is the young Frenchman Mik Maignan, showing potential for growth in the game.

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Center Back: “Don’t Miss Van Dijk and Ruben Diaz”

For the center-back position, Van Dijk from Liverpool takes the lead, offering a solid defense ideal for those focusing purely on defensive tactics. Ruben Diaz from England secures the second spot, known for his effectiveness in the game, especially considering Manchester City’s past season performance.

Full Back: “Top Choices – Alphonso Davies, Theo Hernandez, Achraf Hakimi, and Trent Arnold”

Alphonso Davies and Theo Hernandez for left-back, and Achraf Hakimi and Trent Arnold for right-back should be your top choices. Davies and Hernandez stand out if you’re not playing in the Italian or German league, while Hakimi is noteworthy for both positions, and Trent Arnold is a top choice for right-back.

Midfield: “High-Performance Guarantees with Aurelien Tchouameni, Joshua Kimmich, and Kevin De Bruyne”

For the defensive midfielder position, Aurelien Tchouameni and Joshua Kimmich are solid choices, excelling in defense while being impactful upfront. Jude Bellingham and Pedri shine in midfield with their youth and promising starting ratings. In the number 10 position, Kevin De Bruyne is undoubtedly one of the game’s best.

Winger and Forward: “Vini JR, Messi for the Wings, Lewo and Kane Upfront!”

For wingers, Vinicius Junior, Rashford, Anthony, and Messi are your go-to options for quick scoring. In the forward line, stars like Kane and Lewandowski should top your list, with Rashford and Anthony as additional powerful choices. Antony, especially, is a meta player—don’t forget to utilize his free-kick abilities 😉

This guide provides recommendations for players to strengthen your team when starting or progressing in the game. These players are considered meta, ensuring long-term contributions to your team’s success.

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