VALORANT Patch Notes 7.12 (December 2023)

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VALORANT Patch Notes 7.12 December 2023

Introduction: Welcome to the final update of 2023 with VALORANT Patch 7.12! This patch brings a Battle Pass to complete before the new year and opportunities to climb the ranks. Meanwhile, we’re not standing still; updates for Gekko and Skye, a new Team Deathmatch map, and more await you in this patch.

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VALORANT Patch Notes 7.12 December 2023 Agent Updates:

Gekko: Gekko’s ability to retrieve creatures from the ground is one of his unique strengths. This change shortens the time to retrieve abilities from the ground, allowing for more diverse scenarios. Additionally, we enhance the reliability of Disoriented (E), making Gekko feel safer while encouraging more frequent ability retrieval.

  • Disoriented (E), Slammer (Q), and Bully (X) Retrieval:
    • Reduced retrieval time: 2 s >>> 1 s.
  • Disoriented (E):
    • Fires faster when targeting an enemy while primed, and the plasma travels faster.
    • Reduced pre-fire delay: 0.5 s >>> 0.35 s.
    • Increased plasma speed: 7,000 >>> 10,000.

Skye: These changes aim to make players use Trailblazer (Q) more consciously:

  • Forces a choice between disabling camera movements when leaping forward with Trailblazer to control multiple points or leaping forward to cover extra distance.
  • Opponents successfully destroyed while advancing with Trailblazer will no longer be stunned.
  • Standardized the stunning effect of this ability to affect both enemies and teammates, similar to Gekko’s Bully (X). This requires Skye and the team to coordinate more effectively when using Trailblazer.
  • Trailblazer (Q):
    • Disabled camera movements when leaping forward.
    • No longer causes a stunning explosion when destroyed while advancing.
    • Sounds indicating destruction while advancing are now played.
    • Now stuns both enemies and teammates.
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Map Updates: Our new map, Drift, joins the Team Deathmatch map pool! Drift features a long-range middle corridor, isolated side corridors, and exciting ways to reposition between corridors.

Performance Improvements:

  • Raw Input Latency:
    • Removed the beta tag.
    • Changed default setting to be enabled.
    • Existing settings will not be affected.

Player Behavior Changes:

  • Added group invite codes that group leaders can create, allowing other players to join your group in the game.

Bug Fixes:


  • Fixed an issue where scores for using an ability weren’t counting for the relevant player. This affected Sova’s Shock Dart (Q) scoring while controlling Owl Drone (C), Gekko’s Pounce (C) scoring while controlling Bully (X), and Cypher’s Trapwire (E) scoring while looking through Spy Camera (E).
  • KAY/O’s NULL/cmd (X) crashing causing a red portrait is now visible to everyone in the game.

Player Behaviors:

  • Fixed a rare issue where an AFK-detected player spawning in the next round prevented their teammates from earning the pistol round bonus.


  • Fixed an issue where the message “Waiting for Opponents” appeared when a team voted during overtime.

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