Madden 24 TOTW 17: Predictions and Release Details

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Madden 24 TOTW 17: Predictions and Release Details

With Week 17 of the NFL wrapped up, Madden 24 TOTW 17 is on the horizon, promising exciting player cards and thrilling additions to the MUT set. You can explore our predictions for this penultimate set and mark your calendars for the release date and time.

Madden 24 TOTW 17 Predictions

Offensive Player of the Week – 95 OVR Lamar Jackson’s stellar performance makes him a top contender, throwing five touchdowns and accumulating 321 yards. His dual-threat abilities are likely to earn him a well-deserved 95 OVR card.

Defensive Player of the Week – 95 OVR

Aidan Hutchinson’s outstanding game with three sacks, five tackles, two stuffs, and a forced fumble positions him as a strong candidate for the Defensive Player of the Week with a 95 OVR card.

Limited Editions – 95 OVR

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CeeDee Lamb’s remarkable performance with 13 catches for 227 yards and a touchdown could secure him a Limited Edition card. With an interception returned for a touchdown, Jermaine Johnson is a defensive standout.

Heroes – 91 OVR

Isaiah Pacheco’s impressive display for the Kansas City Chiefs and Josh Allen’s three sacks for the Jacksonville Jaguars make them likely choices for the Heroes category with a 91 OVR rating.

High Elites – 87 OVR

Joe Flacco’s excellent quarterbacking for the Cleveland Browns and Justin Reid’s impactful defensive contributions for the Kansas City Chiefs position them as potential High Elites with an 87 OVR rating.

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Golds – 83 OVR

Sheldon Rankins’ touchdown runback and Juwan Johnson’s stellar performance for the Houston Texans and New Orleans Saints, respectively, could earn them Gold cards with an 83 OVR rating.

Madden 24 Team of The Week Release Date

Madden 24 Team of the Week 17 is set to launch on Wednesday, January 3, 2024, at 1:30 PM EST / 6:30 PM BST. Stay tuned for the official player reveals on the Good Morning Madden Twitch live stream at 10:30 AM EST on the same day.


How many more sets of TOTW are there in Madden 24 after 17?

There is one regular season TOTW set left for Madden 24.

Is Madden 24 TOTW 17 the last set?

No, the NFL regular season expanded to 18 weeks, so there will be one more 18th set.

Madden NFL 24 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. Stay updated on all Madden Season releases and programs.

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