Unlock the Fun: A Guide to Using Anonymous Questions on Instagram in 2024

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Instagram Anonymous Questions To Ask

Unlock the Fun: A Guide to Using Anonymous Questions on Instagram in 2024

Unleash the excitement on Instagram by allowing your followers to send anonymous questions and messages using a messaging app. Learn how to leverage the NGL app for Instagram to enable this feature and discover intriguing details about each other. In this article, we’ll provide insights into using anonymous questions on Instagram in 2024.

How to Use Anonymity on Instagram

To receive or ask anonymous questions on Instagram, you can use the NGL app. However, it’s essential to note that such apps aren’t 100% secure, and caution is advised. Despite not recommending the use of such apps, let’s explore what the NGL app, an anonymous question app, is:

What is the NGL Anonymous Question App?

NGL is an anonymous messaging app created for Instagram, allowing users to receive nameless questions and messages from their followers. To understand how it works, you publish an Instagram Story containing an NGL messaging link. Your followers see the story and use the link to send you anonymous questions or messages. After followers send messages, NGL sends you a push notification as a warning. You can view and respond to these messages through the NGL app. While social media can be a platform for sending anonymous messages, including bullying and harassment, NGL has a moderation mechanism. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and report users misusing the app. We’ll guide you on how to report such behavior and how to use the app:

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How to Ask Anonymous Questions on Instagram in 2024

  1. Download the NGL app, available for both Android and iOS devices.
  2. Open NGL on your device after installation.
  3. Select the “Receive Questions” button.
  4. Enter your Instagram handle when prompted.
  5. Mark the “Done” option after completing the process.
  6. NGL automatically generates an anonymous message link containing your Instagram handle. Followers will use this link to send you nameless questions and messages.
  7. On the “Play” screen, select the “Copy Link” option.
  8. Click the “Share” button.
  9. You will be directed to Instagram, where you’ll be shown how to add the message link to your story. Follow these steps.
  10. You’ll be redirected to Instagram, where NGL prepares a Story announcing your anonymous message request. Choose the “Tag” symbol in the upper-right corner and select the blue-and-white link tag.
  11. Paste the previously copied NGL messaging link under the URL on the next screen, then tap “Done.”
  12. Choose your Story to send your NGL link. Followers will view your Story and select the NGL link to send you an anonymous message.
  13. Respond to questions through the NGL app inbox. (Note: Some actions may require a subscription.)

If you want to prevent receiving disturbing messages, you can use the “Report” section on the left side of your screen to report inappropriate behavior.

Instagram Anonymous Questions To Ask

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Asking Anonymous Questions on Instagram

What Feature is Used for Asking Anonymous Questions on Instagram?

Instagram users can add a question box to their stories to allow followers to write and send questions while keeping the sender’s identity concealed.

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Can Someone Recognize Me After Sending Anonymous Questions?

No, when anonymous questions are sent, the sender’s identity remains confidential. The recipient cannot see who asked the question.

How Does the Process of Activating the Anonymous Question Box Work?

To activate the anonymous question box, go to Instagram stories, choose the “Question” sticker, and then enable the “Anonymous” option. Now, your followers can ask questions anonymously.

Can I Reveal Identities After Responding to Anonymous Questions?

No, even after responding to an anonymous question, the identities remain undisclosed. The purpose of anonymous questions is to protect the privacy of the asker.

The FAQs about asking anonymous questions on Instagram continue…

Can Anonymous Question Boxes Only Be Used in Stories?

Yes, currently, Instagram’s anonymous question feature is only available for use in stories. There is no option to use this feature in other sections of the platform.

How Can I Close the Anonymous Question Box?

If you wish to close the anonymous question box, you can remove or hide the “Question” sticker in your stories. Doing this means your followers won’t be able to send you anonymous questions.

What Are Anonymous Question Apps, and Why Are They Used?

Anonymous question apps are tools that allow users to ask questions secretly on platforms like Instagram or other social media. These apps provide users with a more comfortable and freer means of communication.

How Can I Ensure the Safety of Anonymous Question Apps?

There is no absolute guarantee of the security of anonymous question apps. However, to enhance security, read app reviews, download from reputable sources, and avoid sharing personal information.

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