How to Earn COD Mobile Gun Master Medal?

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How to Earn COD Mobile Gun Master Medal

Mastering COD Mobile Gun Master Medal: Tips and Strategies

Unlock the coveted Gun Master Medal in COD Mobile with our comprehensive guide. Explore winning strategies, and loadout recommendations, and position yourself as a dominant force in the battle royale. Get insights on how to earn the Gun Master Medal, level up your weapons, and check FAQs for a competitive edge.

This season, Season 8, introduces players to the elusive Gun Master Medal, guiding them into the immersive world of the battle royale. As excitement builds around holiday events, the stakes rise, and the need to unravel the complex requirements of these rewards intensifies.

COD Mobile Gun Master Medal: A Rare Achievement

The allure of the unknown and the attractive advantages that come with these medals not only make players more competitive but also encourage them to work together to discover how to attain these coveted titles. The different facets of Call of Duty Mobile’s medal system motivate players to achieve virtual fame within the game. For more details, visit the Official Website.

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How to Earn COD Mobile Gun Master Medal

1. BR Map Selection:

Choose the Alcatraz map for the Battle Royale game.

2. Game Mode:

Ensure you are not in Warfare mode for this specific game.

3. Squad Play:

Survival is easier in a squad, and achieving more than eight kills in a single game is more likely, so prefer playing with a group.

4. Loadout Selection:

Equip any SMG effective in close-quarters combat, considering the scenarios presented by the small Alcatraz map.

5. Objective:

Aim to eliminate at least nine enemies during the game.

6. Respawn Advantage:

Utilize the respawn feature of the Alcatraz map, allowing players to respawn multiple times.

7. Game Completion:

Complete the game, whether you win or lose.

8. Rewards:

Upon winning the Gun Master Medal, claim the rewards of 15 Weapon XP Cards and 6000 Battle Pass XP.

9. Character Unlock:

Remember that the Gun Master Medal is also necessary to unlock the new character, Javier Salazar.

COD Mobile Gun Master Medal Loadout Selection

Playing Format:

COD Mobile Gun Master Medal Loadout Selection

Aggressive: Prioritize close-range weapons such as shotguns (KRM-262, BY15) and SMGs (MAC-10, Fennec). Equipments should enhance accuracy and increase movement during hip-firing. Use advantages like Dead Silence and Gung-Ho to approach enemies and push aggressively.

Passive Defense for Long-Range: Uphold long-range assault rifles like Kilo 141 or M13 and sniper rifles like DL Q33 or Locus for passive defense. Focus on attachments for range, ADS speed, and recoil control. Utilize advantages like Ghost and Cold Blooded to escape without drawing unwanted attention.

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Versatile Weapons for Various Situations: Choose balanced weapons like Man-O-War or AK-117 that can be used for both close and medium-range encounters. Use advantages like Hardline and Fast Recover to quickly adapt and continue.


Quick Movement and Tight Corners: Small maps should focus on close-range weapons like shotguns and SMGs.

Large Maps: Large maps allow for the use of sniper rifles and long-range assault rifles to control key areas and eliminate enemies from a distance.

Mixed Maps: A balanced strategy can work with a primary weapon suitable for many situations and a secondary weapon for close combat.

How To Earn COD Mobile Gun Master Medal?

Map Awareness and Positioning Tips

Mini-Map Proficiency:

  • Check the mini-map frequently.
  • Understand the significance of each red dot and predict enemy movements.

Knowledge is Power: Map Understanding

  • Learn the layout of each map, choke points, high points, and flanking routes.
  • Understand where enemies are likely to spawn and how they will move around the map in different game modes.

Positioning Skill: Cover and Flanking

  • Embrace cover, hide behind walls, and use natural obstacles effectively.
  • Flank like a fox, taking different paths and angles to catch enemies off guard.

Effective Movement Strategies

Learn to Slide:

  • Master sliding to evade bullets, quickly take cover, and surprise enemies.
  • Combine slides with jumps or low shots for added unpredictability.


  • Jumping makes it harder for your opponent to aim and can help you get over or onto roofs.
  • Combine jumps with slides or slides to reduce predictability even further.


  • Dropping to the ground while firing can temporarily make it difficult for enemies to hit you.
  • Practice this maneuver alone before attempting it in a real battle, as it leaves you vulnerable for a short period.
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COD Mobile FAQs

1. How to Earn Weapon Proficiency in COD Mobile?

Weapon proficiency points are earned based on overall performance in a match and the number of games won. Players can play Normal and Ranked matches in multiplayer or Battle Royale to earn points between 0 to 2000.

2. How to Level Up Your Weapons in COD Mobile?

To level up quickly in Call of Duty Mobile, use Double Weapon XP cards. These cards can be found as the third income when opening special crates after winning Battle Royale matches and receiving the Consolation Prize.

3. How to Check Medals in COD Mobile?

Tap on your name at the top of the main screen. In the third tab, you can see all the Achievements you can earn and how much progress you’ve made for each. The fourth tab shows all the Medals you can earn and how many times you’ve done each.

Unlock the Gun Master Medal in COD Mobile by following these tips and strategies. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting, these guidelines will help you enhance your gameplay and achieve the prestigious Gun Master Medal.

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