Unlock Rewards with FC Mobile Star Pass in December 2023 – Price and Updates

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FC Mobile Star Pass December 2023 Price!

EA’s FC Mobile is charging through the new season with full force! The Star Pass runs concurrently with a special event, distributing in-game resources such as Coins, Gems, FC Points, and Cosmetic Items like Emotes and Kits.

Star Pass: New Rewards with Winter Wildcard Theme!

With the release of the new season, Electronic Arts has made specific changes to the FC Mobile 24 Star Pass, as resources related to the event are no longer found in the Free and Premium sections of the Star Pass.

December 24, 2023 Season: Winter Wildcard Event

As December arrives, EA introduces the latest Star Pass for FC Mobile. The Star Pass, continuing alongside the Winter Wildcards event, includes kits, emotes, and, as the standout event player, 92 OVR RW Ousmane Dembélé.

What’s Inside the FC Mobile 24 December 2023 Star Pass: Winter Wildcard Event?

Contrary to previous setups, resources or currencies related to the event are no longer included in the content of the Star Pass. This move by EA aims to prevent players from gaining an unfair advantage by purchasing the Star Pass and gaining an unfair advantage in the game.

How To Get EA FC Mobile Star Pass December 2023

However, the Star Pass not only provides the best price for in-game currencies like FC Points and Gems but also offers other additional resources. The pass generously distributes Coins, Players, and Universal Rank Players, including Dudek and Mascherano!

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Now, specifically for this month’s Star Pass in December, the pass includes Premium Wildcards Logo and a cute Vibe with Snow logo that you can share with your rivals in Division Rivals during this holiday season. Additionally, it provides a special Christmas-themed Flashback XMAS Kit that you can try in the game. Moreover, the final reward is the 92 OVR RW Dembélé. While the French dribbling maestro may not currently be the best player in the game, he can still add speed and agility to your attack, making a valuable contribution to your squad.

How to Get Star Pass?

Those who wish to continue with the free side of the FC Mobile Star Pass don’t need to pay any fees. However, those wanting to switch to the Premium side can go to the in-game Premium section and make the purchase.

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FC Mobile Star Pass Price

EA FC Mobile December 2023 star pass price is around 10 USD.

December 24, 2023 Rewards

The Star Pass has rewards on both the Free and Premium sides, with Premium Rewards being more lucrative and rewarding, of course. The Free side of the FC Mobile Star Pass includes:

  • 2300 Gems
  • 70,000 Coins
  • 60 Pass Points
  • 8x Coin Packs
  • Estadio de las Artes Stadium
  • Winter Wildcards Logo B
  • Chill with Snow Emote
  • EA Sports Blue/White Ball
  • White Boots
  • 60x 60-69 OVR Players
  • 3x 75-85 OVR Players
  • Universal Rank Player – Dudek
  • 80-89 OVR Player
  • 89 OVR Player

Additionally, Premium Paying users who purchase the Star Pass will get everything from the Free section of the Star Pass and also receive:

  • 1500 FC Points
  • 1600 Gems
  • 140,000 Coins
  • 120 Pass Points
  • 8x Coin Packs
  • Premium Winter Wildcards Logo B
  • Vibe with Snow Emote
  • Flashback XMAS Kit
  • Holiday Gift Kit
  • 55x 65-72 OVR Players
  • 3x 85-92 OVR Players
  • Universal Rank Player – Dudek
  • Universal Rank Player – Mascherano
  • 89-91 OVR Player
  • 92 OVR ST Heung-min Son
  • 92 OVR RW Ousmane Dembélé
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How to Level Up and Progress in Star Pass?

How Can We Rising on Star Pass?

As in previous seasons, FC Mobile players need to earn Star Pass Credits. Star Pass Credits are the in-game currency that helps you progress throughout the Star Pass. Players can earn Star Pass Credits by:

  1. Playing Division Rivals Matches: Completing daily 10 VSA and 10 H2H matches helps make significant progress in the Star Pass.
  2. Completing Daily Missions: Regularly completing daily missions will quickly help you accumulate Star Pass Credits.
  3. Playing Event Skill Games and Matches: Always participate in events running concurrently with the Star Pass. While Skill Games may not provide enough Star Pass Credits per game, completing them regularly adds up.
  4. Regularly Completing Daily Goals: The most straightforward method of earning Star Pass Credits is through Daily and Weekly Goals. These goals involve simple activities like daily logins and other daily tasks that make it easy to progress quickly in the Star Pass.

EA FC Mobile Star Pass Daily Rewards

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